The Street MBA

13 Feb

  Education is considered to be an important tool to build a good career and make your mark in the society. You are told from your childhood itself that your grades not only determine your chances of getting into a good college, but also define your success after graduation. Your level of intelligence is gauged [...]

My Take on Increasing Life Expectancy and Happiness

21 Jan

  During a recent leadership workshop, ideas and conversations somehow diverted to discussions on happiness at work and on quality of life and their determinants. While a lot of factors influence one’s take on these topics, I feel elements like cultural aspects, mindsets, conscience and expectations play a crucial role in determining the shape of [...]

Getting More Out of Your Day

14 Dec

Recently while going through an old album, I stumbled upon a timeworn group photograph from my school days, the kind where the class teacher and the school principal are seated in the middle, and the kids are stacked neatly around them. As I muse about my own childhood days and try to remember the names [...]

What will stay with you, when you die?

15 Nov

Our conversations with friends, colleagues and family members mostly revolve around work and life hassles. Typically, the thrust is on goals such as asset and wealth collection. Everyone wants to accumulate either wealth, popularity or fame. Somewhere along the way I started to wonder whether such is the pattern that the world has been following [...]

Insurance – An Investment to a Social Cause

12 Oct

The last case of Polio in India was reported in 2011. With no more cases being reported, three years later in 2014, WHO declared India as Polio free. For a country diverse in all possible means – geographically, culturally, socially, economically, linguistically – it was a great feat to achieve! I still remember queuing up [...]

Performance and Perception of Job Security

14 Sep

I keep on interacting with a lot of youngsters as I believe in the concept of surrounding one-self with age-defying company. Not only does this benefit in keeping me updated with the subjects that concern the youth, but also helps me gauge the differences in perceptions that have developed over generations. It was during one [...]

Luxuries may have gone up but so has sadness – New World, Old Rules

21 Jul

Image Credit: One lazy Sunday afternoon, my father and I were sitting over tea in the balcony and we were discussing about general things. In the discussions, he mentioned that change is altering our world faster than our expectations. To which my reaction was, isn’t that exciting, why should you be worried? He looked [...]

Intimidating Leaders – a Boon or a Bane

14 Apr

My daughter who usually regales the family at the dinner table with her stories about the day was rather quiet for the last few days. Upon enquiring she mentioned that she was not having a good time at college. She was being bullied by a few seniors and asked me for a solution to handle [...]

Towards a New Age Economy

1 Feb

  The Union Budget is high on purpose on transforming India to a truly digital and cashless economy with the government clearly outlining its agenda to Transform, Energize and Clean India. The Finance Minister in his budget speech made several announcements and introduced incentives to facilitate digital payments with restrictions on cash payments to bring [...]

Budget – An Insurer’s Expectations

18 Jan

  There are many expectations and speculations around the Budget of 2017 as the country is still reeling under the after effects of demonetization. It is expecting some populist schemes by the centre to raise the overall consumer and investor sentiments. What adds to these speculation are the impending state elections following the budget. To [...]

Industry’s Growing Obsession towards Transformation

31 Dec

    The insurance industry today is witnessing a paradigm shift from the regular product based approach to a more dynamic customer centric approach. This shift can be attributed to changes in the technological, regulatory and socio-economic-political scenarios, which have let insurers to reboot their traditional ways of doing business. 2016 has been a dynamic [...]

Are you real or a figment of someone’s imagination?

8 Nov

    Recently, an interesting conversation stirred by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and other cutting-edge companies caught my attention. In a recent technology event, in an answer to a question posed by the audience he mentioned that “There may be a possibility that human kind is living in a simulated reality.” [...]